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Week 1 Picks!

Cowboys at Giants:  GIANTS.  I think the champs get a narrow victory on opening night.


Colts at Bears:  BEARS.  This will be the start of an amazing season for the Bears.


Eagles at Browns:  EAGLES.  They will easily take this by two scores.  Cleveland has too many problems to be able to compete with Philly.


Patriots at Titans:  PATRIOTS.  They are my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year, and they will come out strong.


UPSET PICK:  Falcons at Chiefs:  CHIEFS.  I think that they are going to come out of nowhere to win the AFC West this year.  They were hit with the injury bug heavily last year, but now they are all rested up.  Also, I think the Falcons are WAY overrated.


Jags at Vikings:  JAGS.  My boys will take care of business in week 1 against a team that is second-worst in the NFL, in my opinion.  If not, I’ll be crying myself to sleep because the season will already be over.


Redskins at Saints:  SAINTS.  We’ll see a few brilliant play from RG3, but I think the Saints take the game.


WASH PICK:  Bills at Jets:  BILLS.  They are my surprise wildcard team this year, and I think they’ll get a solid start with a win over a division rival.  I think I hear the chants for Tebow already….


Rams at Lions:  LIONS.  The Rams will be better this year, but the Lions’ offense has far too much firepower for them.


LOCK:  Dolphins at Texans:  TEXANS.  I think that the Dolphins are the worst team in the league, and they’re traveling to play a Super Bowl contender.  Can you say lock, anyone?


49ers at Packers:  PACKERS.  The 9ers will be good again this year,  but I don’t see Rogers losing on opening night at Lambeau.


Seahawks at Cardinals:  SEAHAWKS.  The Seahawks D alone could win this game for them – their offense is far better than Arizona’s as well.  This will be a 2-score victory.


Panthers at Bucs:  PANTHERS.  This is the year where they take the division, and the journey starts with a thumping of the cellar dweller in week one.


Steelers at Broncos:  BRONCOS.  Peyton wins his first game back in a feel-good story.


Bengals at Ravens:  RAVENS.  I love Dalton, Green, and the Bengals, but I think that Baltimore takes this one at home in week one.  We’ll see what happens when the Ravens travel to Cinci later this year, though….


Chargers at Raiders:  CHARGERS.  They’re better than the Raiders in every way….question is, will they play like it?



Bonus:  My parlay bet of the week is on Bears (-9.5), Saints (-7), Lions(-7.5), Texans (-12.5), Packers (-5), Eagles (-8.5), and Seahawks (-2.5).